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Users require registration for full Access to our Daily Blog Videos & Video Trading Model program here To join our Daily Blog for London set ups, daily analysis, live trades, and trading model videos join our Level 1 & 2 membership program. This site is Australian based, I am developing it to help those who are new to Forex trading, be guided in the right direction to educational resources and trading methods, and I think the experienced trader will find some useful ideas within this site also. So when you come back you might just find some more goodies here. Only those who want to learn will. If you plan on using the FX market to make endless amounts of money, with no experience what so ever. You will fail. The "right" education is all of what you will need to endeavour into the FX market. Amongst all the education you can find, most of it is bullshit! Remember the best indicator that you could follow, is the one in between your ears. There are many methods of trading the markets out there, finding the right methods or theories if you will, is important, and learning what type of trader suits you, is the type of trader rules and money management plan you will need to follow. You can use my knowledge to guide you, hopefully in the right direction. But I would suggest you do learn these few things first. People interpret the markets in different ways, but ultimately we are all looking at the same thing and the same charts, having a system that works for you personally, is key to being successful, Forex is a business. Achieving small results per day is something to build on. Fundamentals, what are they? And how do they work for the markets? Level of importance to my methods of trading is fairly important, knowing when calender events are due is good practice. Commitments of traders, what is the COT? And how does it work for the markets movements? How are the commercial traders positioning themselves? long or short? Level of importance to my methods of trading is very important. Technical analysis, what is technical analysis and how does it work for following market trends? Level of importance to my methods of trading 1 out of 10 is a 10! All the "right" technical analysis you can have on your side, is the most important. Let me tell you something, the biggest banks and financial corporations out there, move the market, it is up to us to follow there lead. There are all sorts and types of technical trading, but the most important form of trading i use myself, it is not automated and it is not from a signal source. Its called using your head. I use institutional price levels and most importantly, adopting ICT concepts to it. Psychology in the markets tells a story, and believe it or not, can predict the future of social mood! If you want to learn about social behaviour and the equities markets, look up socionomics, this company can prove to you how equities markets correlate with social mood. Stick around because I can help you leap forward in your learning, steering you towards the right organisations and people to follow and learn from when it comes to pro level Forex trading. GdayFx Daily Blog for Level 1 & 2 members