Some of Gdayfx's members feedback

First of all I really thank you because the ******* Candles really are a key component to my trading now, I only use them as key areas and look for **** trades inside of them. I still however try to adjust my trading to these new tools but they are def in my main model. I need to blend Time & Price Theory to ******* trade selection & do a lot of backtesting ***** range too is really useful now and makes more sense.
Hi Dan, I want to thank you for everything you shared with us so far and all the teaching, especially the ******* series, by itself it is a daily bread setup, one can make a living just from that. Thank you so much. And appreciate your time. And ICT never taught that.
GdayFX has taught me a lot about the markets without having to do the work myself. I would recommend signing up to this course if you want to start making progress.
Gdayfx continues to improve both new and old traders' knowledge of the Forex Market with his clear and easy to understand explanations of how the Market moves and where price is likely to book. One of his tools, the Bias Model in conjunction with the Central Banks Dealers Range has become my go to Model for Trading Forex.
I've learned so much from GdayFx's teaching in my daily trades. A great teacher adding together the concepts that are difficult to grasps with other teachers or "gurus" out there. I trust GdayFx and his videos and teachings. wonderful learning experience!
Hi Dan, Blog feedback - "Gdayfx has without a doubt changed the way I see the markets. Having bounced around between different mentors over the last few years, I can confidently say that I have now found what I’m looking for.”
I have been a member of for a long time, I don’t even remember how long. Dan has been a great mentor; he is a hard worker guy. He has helped me to fill a lot of gaps in my understanding of price action. I remember I found him because I was looking for someone who could simplify ICT style trading for me because I felt it was too complex. Not only he did that, but he was more than that. His findings in market behavior have given me great insight.His video series are top notch. I would recommend Dan as a mentor to anybody.
Thanks Dan. Regards from Venezuela.
I've been struggling with Forex for a very long time. After watching your videos, my results are getting way way better. Now I can see where is liquidity , turning point, price connection. Thank you for your generosity to share your discoveries of price action with us. This kind of knowledge has never been taught by anyone else  !!!
Hi Dan, To be honest, your mentorship have help me develop better as a trader. I have started to see consistency. What I love most about your videos is that they are short and sharp to the point. Keep doing the great work you are doing to help passionate individuals like me. Thanks
I do think your training has been useful, and also in compliment to what ICT has taught me after going through his mentorship.  ICT can be vague and long winded about his approach to trading, and not always forthcoming about live trade results, but he enlightened me about market structure etc. The thing I like about Gdayfx is your tenacity about tying all the little observations & clues you've made of market structure and manipulation together. I'm looking forward to your next series and keep up the good work.
My honest current feedback.  Dan is an excellent Mentor who is gifted in simplifying complex and significant price action, therefore providing insights for any trader to learn and grow. With Dan's teaching tools I am thinking deeply about how to develop a trading system that suits me as a trader. I am still on the journey of discovering how to be altogether a skillful, confident and profitable trader that I know is within me.
Thank you for your excellent video series which helped me to become consistent and profitable in my trading journey over the years. I can assure you Gdayfx teaches you the right stuff. But it is for those traders who want to know how the market really moves. To truly understand how the market delivers price will take time and a lot of effort on the charts. Yes, this is real trading. To whoever's reading this NEVER GIVE UP! Best wishes, M.M.
Hi Dan, I have followed your work for well over 6 years and your view on the market is exceptional and unique  and for me personally its an edge in the market.Always on the search or any information that you post and its full of information from a professional trader and my trading has improved dramatically in the sense of being consistent. Great content and methodology, keep it coming.
I have been a member of Dan's mentorship for quite a few years. Dan was very helpful and genuinely interested in helping especially due to the fact that things were quite rough at the time I came across him. It is a great mentorship with lots of different stages to start from as well as different strategies. Dan is very transparent with his discoveries and quick to share with us. I came upon him trying to find simplified ICT lessons and I found solid methods through Dan. His variety of video series' are quite extensive and I would not hesitate to recommend him as a solid mentor. He provides more than enough for success as long as the work is put in. My only hope is that at some point there will be more interaction within the group Thanks Dan